Centennial IPA

This all-grain IPA recipe has a good balance of IBUs and ABV%. The flavor profile is hop-dominant.

Magnum is used as the bittering hop and provides a smooth, rounded bitterness.  Centennial provides the citrus flavor of a West Coast IPA, and brings a floral note to the aroma profile.  The simple grain bill lets the Centennial hops shine through. Munich and Crystal malts provide a background sweetness.

Centennial IPA

This recipe falls within the standards for an Imperial IPA.

Grain -

  • 14 lbs 2-row Pale Malt
  • 1lb Munich 20SRM
  • 1.5lb Crystal 20

Hops -

  • 1oz Magnum 60 mins
  • 1oz Centennial 30mins
  • 1oz Centennial 15 mins
  • 1oz Centennial 10 mins
  • 2oz Centennial 5 mins
  • 1oz Centennial 1 min

Fermentation -

  • Safale US-05
  • 68° F
  • Minimum of three weeks